What do employers want from a writer?

What employers want from a writer? Writing experience, productivity, creative ideas, and your ability to work as a team. Importance of writing skills.

Writing is an art and only a few masters in it. When it comes to writing there are many different kinds like narrative, descriptive, creative, and persuasive, essay writing, and many others. While choosing it as your profession, your writing experience matters a lot. Employers always look for experienced writers along with a qualification.

What do employers want from a writer? 

Having writing experience and excellent skills can enable employers to notice your talent and hire you to meet their content needs. Creative ideas and your ability to write engaging content impress the employers a lot.

Here are some of the skills that employers look for when hiring writers:

Writing Experience

Your working experience matters a lot for any job. Employers always look for experienced candidates. They are hiring you so that you can write error-free content for them. 

They expect you to know the dos and don’ts of the writing and that you can get only through experience. So your writing experience plays an important role for you in getting hired for the job.

Creative Ideas

Being a writer shows your creative ideas. The employers check how creative you can be with the topic to create top-ranking and engaging content. Your creativity matters a lot in writing. Be as creative as you can and prove to the employers that you can write creative content with new ideas.


If you show your hiring managers how versatile you are as a writer, then they get impressed by you. Show them that you can write good content on any topic and niche. Successful writers are those who can create content on any topic regardless of whatever niche you are an expert in.

Teamwork skills

A good employee is not the one who is working great as an individual but the one who can work as a team. If you are assigned a writing project and you have to work on that as a team, then you need to show your teamwork skills.

 Divide the work among all the team members equally. Assign the responsibility to every member like one will to topic research, keyword research, content writing, content checking, etc.


Employers are always seeking productivity from an employee. They will see how productive you are, will you be able to meet up deadlines, can provide the assigned number of articles within the given time. With your working skills prove them that you are very productive.

Why Writing Skills Are Necessary For An Employee?

Whether you are working as a writer or holding any other position, you need to handle some writing tasks in your everyday job. You have to write e-mails, proposals, etc. for that good writing skills are very important. You need to understand the importance of writing skills.

Writing skills are important as:

A Great Way to Communicate Your Ideas

As an employee, you need to deal with many different people in your everyday work. You had to communicate your ideas to them. If you have well writing skills you can easily communicate with them through e-mail instead of the long phone call meetings or meetings at the office.

A Prominent Way to Show Your Intelligence

Your writing is a great way to showcase your intelligence and creative ideas. Through writing, you express your ideas and opinions, which give the readers idea about your intelligence. 

At your workplace many times you have to write proposals or applications. By writing flawless proposals you can give an impression to your colleagues that you are smart.

A Great Chance to Be Influential

You can turn your writing skills into persuasion skills that will influence others. If you are working as a writer then this skill is very important. You have a great opportunity to make people engage with your company. You can influence them through call- to- action, tag lines and persuade them to subscribe to the company website.

Helps to Build a Professional Image

If you are the best writer in your company then all of your co-workers will come to take advice from you whenever they have to submit any written document. If the company wants effective proposals and emails regarding any of their business deal, they will opt to choose you for this task. More responsibility will come your way and it does a lot for building your career.

To become a good writing employee you need to understand what employers want from you. Only then you will be able to meet their expectations and become a good writer.

Written by javeria daud

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