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The Guide To Write An Awesome Speech

A speech is a compelling way to deliver your message. It is a verbal way of articulating ideas and thoughts. Likewise, public speaking seeks to express your ideas coherently, and logically and provide adequate supporting pieces of evidence to endorse the idea.

Like other forms of writing, ‘speech writing’ is also one of the techniques to deliver your thoughts/ideas to the audience through words. In speech writing, you first need to understand the purpose, time limit, and targeted audiences. Coming up with a powerful speech can be stressful and hectic as you have to confront the audience.

However, if you follow the basic instructions and appropriate speech format, you can effortlessly write an outstanding speech. That will leave a good impression and will also leave the audience with some thought-provoking ideas to think about. If you want to write a powerful speech then don’t panic.

Here are some guidelines for you to write an incredible one.

Know Your Audience:

Understanding your audience is one of the major keys to writing and delivering an impressive speech. Read your audiences and tailor your speech accordingly, the demographics of your audience will determine what type of words and phrases you should use, and what kinds of jokes you might crack.

You have to keep in mind that a more aged crowd will not receive a message the way a  high school crowd would. Try to Understand your listeners, what they like and what makes them pulsate. Adjust your speech to their knowledge, liking, and interests.

Carefully Select Your Topic: 

After knowing your audience, your next job is to select a topic that you can cover in a short span of time. Most importantly, that interests your audience. The topic must compel them to think outside of the box and provide them with a new lens and more innovative ways to approach the topic or a problem related to your topic. 

Research Your Topic:

Another very important step in writing your speech is to do general research about your topic. See what others said and wrote about your topic, what their analysis is, and how they approached it. This will give you an overall idea to develop your own thesis and provide you with content that you might cite in your speech.

An appropriately researched and carefully presented/cited speech will build confidence in the speaker and credibility for the audience. 

Choose a presentation tool: 

To attract your audience, you need to prepare a professional presentation with a professional presentation tool like Google Slides or PowerPoint. This tool will further allow you to add visual interest to your presentation. Additionally, you can add audio or video to further engage your audience.

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