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Let’s embrace it, product descriptions are not easy. You need experience, a correct knowledge of the product, and most importantly to know the audience you are going to target. Writing product descriptions is the type of marketing in which you entice the customers to purchase your products. You tell all about your product, the function it does, the manufacturing process, the benefits it will bring for customers, and the ingredients.


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Since it is necessary to include authentic and relevant information that speaks to the hearts of customers, you need to write it in a way that manages to highlight your product impressively. With quality product descriptions, the chances of sales are even higher and above all your customers trust you. So, to show all the positive features of your products, you need to contact a writing service that understands your demands and possesses sufficient skills to inform your customers about the products. Writer’s Guild apart from specializing in all other aspects also know how to highlight all important features of your products. We know how important it is for your brand to show positivity about your product, so we do it in the best way. We make sure that we are not missing any important points and step to write the description of your product. We have an engaging and unique writing style, which hooks the customers from start till end. Most of the customers prefer to check the product online, and also purchase it online.

That’s why they need a captivating presentation of the goods, so that they find it impossible to refuse. Our writers write by understanding the interest of the customers and filling in the gap perfectly. We also specialize in writing descriptions of several products of different industries such as:

  • Food and beverage products
  • Cosmetic
  • Fitness products
  • Supplements
  • Clothing
  • Kitchen products
  • Skincare products
  • Appliances
  • Toys

Your product descriptions can simply make or break your sale, so you need to choose wisely, so to make it more impressive, Writer’s Guild is here to help. While some customers prefer purchasing a product depending on its feature, there is a different category that ensures checking the reviews first. When they are convinced of seeing sufficient good reviews about the product, only then do they decide to purchase from you. So, you need a way to write those reviews perfectly by including all product details in them. The review writing service will do it all for you and will entice your customers to purchase from you. Writer’s Guild specializes in this key area as well. Our writers understand that it is necessary to guide the customers positively towards your product. Hence, they reach out to you and collect all information from you about the experience, your customers had had with you. So, we only present authentic, non-misleading facts. Our persuasive writing style and outstanding language make your items shine. Our authors’ experience and talents make reviewing easy. Hire a Writer’s Guild writer to evaluate your product. So, you may create an organic, accurate product review. Combine product description writing services with product evaluation services to increase revenue.

It is our job to show the world how your product is distinct from the rest and what unique qualities it has to offer by employing innovative approaches and concepts. We also highlight all important features and benefits of the products so that there is no ambiguity and customers can get all the information. In addition, we never miss an opportunity to inform your consumers about the product’s characteristics and how they may benefit them. Whether it is a review or a description of the product, we manage to include authentic and relevant information. Before putting it all on the web, you can check it thoroughly to rule out any mistake. We are pleased to be a little part of your success and look forward to working with you in the future.

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How many niches are you covering in product review services?

We are covering almost all niches in our product review services. You can have a one-on-one conversation with us for any additional details.

Can you write a service review for me?

Yes, we make sure that we review anything as per the demands of our clients.

How long your product review will be?

The length of the review depends on the specifications of the product. It can vary from 400 to 2000 words.

Can I get a review in two days for my product?

The delivery time for a review is 24-48 hours.



Customers reviews


Okay, I think I have become addicted to Writer’s Guild level of expertise in engaging Ad copies, and Product Descriptions. I moved forward and revamp EVERYTHING about my business after receiving my first Ad copy. Including Product descriptions on my website. Just KNOW YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with them and the turnaround time is pretty quick! I believe I ordered close to 20 gigs in a matter of five days. THANK YOU Writer’s Guild


They did not only write amazing product descriptions for us also delivered in an unbelievable amount of time! I highly recommend their work.


Communication was very direct and up front, Ramsha asked very direct questions, she offered a professional questionnaire that captured all of the other bits she may need. She had promised to have my product delivered in seven days, and knocked it out of the park in five days. I was really impressed with the depth of the descriptions for all of the items I asked her to write for. I contracted for her to write for ~40 items, and she offered me an incredible deal. I cannot wait to work with her again.