Contract Drafting and Legal Writing

  Drafting legal documents is crucial for the success of businesses. The contracts also prove to be quite beneficial for connecting two parties in the best interest of each other. The contract further helps in protecting the rights of both parties as they agree to the terms and conditions written on them.

When a contract is signed between two parties, then it becomes mandatory to abide by the rules and regulations. Both parties understand the terms of agreements and comply with the rules. Hence, it is important for companies for drafting legal documents by enclosing all important points. Outsourcing here will let you do the job with the help of professionals.  

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Providing the right information by enclosing detailed information is the key to working for a perfect contract. While we work drafting legal documents for our clients, we ensure that we are using a professional tone and strong principles so that there is zero risk of ambiguity.

We understand how important a contract has so we put all our efforts to construct it on a solid foundation. Apart from collecting the right and apt information for our clients, we also make sure to do in-depth research on the company. This allows us to get a hold of the core values and the fundamental roles of your company.

Consequently, you are can sign a vivid and to-the-point contract with your clients. When we start to work on a contract project, we discuss all the key points with our clients so that there are no problems in the future. We know how important it is for you to write a clear, and concise document for your clients and how simple you want it to be.

Working for making your work-life easy and professional is our utmost goal. So, we put all our efforts to crave a special documented piece for you that is written by professionals and so has zero chances for mistakes. Our contract drafting services play a key role in making your firm successful.

We have professionals that specialize in different areas. Hence, we are simply the best in what we do. Whether you want procurement and construction contracts or equipment purchase contracts, you can consult us, and our professionals will do the best work for you.

We have a complete grip on all the legal issues that you might come across while dealing with your business. So, we include all of these details in the document and guide you in the best possible way. The contract that we draft for you encloses all important details and the solutions to the issues that prove to be beneficial for you.

Our contract drafting services are not limited to one area. We have an expert team working with us to work for these areas:

  • Legal contracts
  • Legal letter writing service
  • Third-party agreements
  • Contract writing services
  • Employees or customers contracts
  • Contracts with vendors
  • Professional appointments
  • Service contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Power of attorney agreements
  • Our services are diversified and we deal with people of all corporate sectors. We have a skilled team of lawyers and attorneys working specifically for this cause that also makes sure to not miss any detail. Our teams also remember to keep a follow-up from your technical department so that no detail gets missed.
  • Writing a contract for services requires attention and focus so our team emphasized getting closer with the company. We first work on developing a standard contract for our clients and depending on the demands and requirements of the companies, we can make changes to it.

If you are looking for a reliable service to draft your contracts, then we are a service with our expertise and in-depth knowledge. Our contract writing services are smooth and you do not have to follow up with us again and again. When you reach out to us, we collect all necessary information from you and then start to work on the project.

Before submitting the contract to you, we check for errors or any information that might get missed. After a final review, we submit the draft to you. With that, we also assure our clients to not disclose any information to a third party.

For the draft service agreement, our rates are highly reasonable. We also make sure to provide quality work to our clients so they can carry out their functions smoothly.


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Most frequent questions and answers

When do I receive the contract from you?

The ideal time for order delivery is 24 to 48 hours. However, if you need a contract in an emergency. We can manage that for you as well.

What information do I need to give you for drafting legal documents?

After placing an order, we send you a questionnaire asking all the important details that we need to know. Besides, we can also have a one-on-one conversation with you to know all the essential information regarding your contract.

What are the qualifications of the employees that work here?

We are a group of certified and licensed attorneys who have good experience in drafting contracts.

How do I know my information is secured here?

All information that you share with us always remains confidential with us. However, if you want us to sign an NDA before proceeding, we can do that as well.

How can I reach out to you if I want to draft a document?

You can buy an already designed package for your contracts. However, if you need a custom order for your contract, we can do that too. Message us at our given email address and we will get in contact with you.

What is the process of drafting a contract at the Writer’s guild?

Before writing a contract, we make sure to understand your requirements. This ensures to not have any gap and draft a perfect piece for you. After drafting the contract for you, we send it to our editors and proofreaders to eliminate problems, if any. Our senior attorneys also review the contract. We also send a rough draft to you before finalizing it to ensure your satisfaction.

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Great communication and working skills in outreaching and high work quality and efficiency.They had a DEEP understanding of what work was needed and performed above and BEYOND expectations. The tone of their communication was wonderful and emotionally engaging on all levels


You are amazing! I am so glad I found you,! if you are in the market for a very thorough, patient, and considerate legal partner look no further. I am a repeat and loyal customer!!!

Steven from DIGITPUSH

Price is a little on the high side but chose to go with them because I can feel that they are sincere (listen, UNDERSTAND AND ADVISED what I needed), very satisfied with the delivery.