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Importance of email marketing 2022

importance of email marketing for building relationships with prospects, leads, customers, and prior customers.

Email marketing is important because you need to use it to build relationships with prospects, leads, customers, and even past customers.


Email is the most effective way for a business to get in touch with a customer.

86 percent of customers, according to HubSpot, want to get promotional emails from businesses they do business with at least once each month (with 15 percent preferring daily emails). The easiest approach to publicizing a sale, communicating corporate news, or remarketing to past clients is via email. So, Everyone in the world knows how important email marketing is.

email marketing

This article explains how to put a solid email marketing plan into practice so that you can benefit from it and improve your email outreach to clients and potential consumers.

What is Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the use of email communications as part of a marketing plan to accomplish particular corporate objectives.

Rewarding regular clients through email is a growing trend and can generate income, bring in new customers, and promote brands. So, These factors have increased the importance of email marketing.

Email marketing places a strong emphasis on communication and awareness with current clients and customers. Emails can be used in outreach campaigns to entice and attract potential clients. 

The most successful email marketing efforts may be broken into groups that each concentrate on the goals and needs of a certain persona. To formally welcome brand-new customers, one campaign may be employed, while another would advertise a Black Friday discount.

email marketing

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns:

Here are a few more illustrations of various email campaigns.


Newsletters are effective email marketing strategy in order to keep your clients informed about your business. They often include an introduction, a description, links, and images that inform clients about new goods and services, business updates, major announcements, and news from the industry.

Welcome messages:

You could use these emails to get more sales, follow up with leads, or spread the word about your brand. So, they are usually sent to people who sign up online for the first time. Usually, the best way to get more consumer attention or action from them is to pair a welcome letter with a particular offer. Therefore, it is considered as effective email marketing campaign.

Anniversary or birthday messages:

This program increases client loyalty and retention. so, This kind of communication features significant brand or customer achievements and frequently includes a unique promotion or discount code that recipients can use.

Limited time offers:

This email marketing campaign aims to reach consumers during deals, especially those who have previously purchased similar goods or have not yet completed their purchases. Furthermore, a lot of emails include limited-time discount or promotion codes.

Abandoned cart emails:

Again, sending an email to clients who have abandoned their shopping carts can persuade them to finish their purchases. These emails may be automatic requests for the customer to finish their transaction within a certain amount of time. Therefore, it is also an effective email marketing campaign.

The Best Email Marketing Services:

Finding the best email marketing as service is the first step to a successful email campaign.

email marketing

Following are the best email marketing services:

  • Overall, Constant Contact is the best.
  • Best for expanding your customer base is Sendi blue
  • The best option for the necessities at a reasonable cost is Millerite.
  • Best email and SMS marketing combination is Omni send
  • Best for e-commerce: Mossend
  • The best value for low subscriber counts is A Weber.
  • The best automatic lead creation platform is Get Response.
  • Best for automated email marketing is HubSpot
  • Best for new e-commerce enterprises is drip
  • Best for influencers, bloggers, and creators: ConvertKit
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