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How to write SEO Articles?

not be able to get your site ranked on Google. Here are some tips on how to write SEO articles: research, keyword focused, inbound links,

SEO articles

Search Engine Optimization is making the best use of search engines to get your site ranked on google. It is all about improving the quality of your website and improving the ranking of your site. To get organic traffic on your site you must know how to write SEO articles.

What Is SEO Article?

 An SEO article is written content that is featured on a website as a page with a unique URL. To write SEO articles a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is required. Keywords and content are the two most important things in an SEO article.


Difference between Blog and Article in SEO

Before you write an article you must know the difference between blog and article in SEO. A blog is based on casual writing. It is written informally. An article is mostly written in a formal way and is based on sophisticated writing. Articles are usually lengthy and contain details, it does not include your opinion but blogs can be short or long and you can include your personal opinion in blog.

How to Write SEO Articles?

You have written an article without any grammatical mistakes and writing errors but if it is not Search engine optimized, it will not get ranked on Google.

article writing

Here are a few tips on How to write SEO friendly article that will help you a lot:


The first thing to writing a Search Engine Optimized content is to research. Research for the topic and keywords. Good research is key to write a search-engine-optimized content.

Search Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in search engine optimized content. You need to ascertain which search terms or keywords users are using most often. Write an article on those keywords. There are many websites that help you find the audience target keywords along with their density and search volume.

Use of Keyword

Include the keyword in your title and use it 5–6 times in the content. Try to use it in the first paragraph. But keep this thing in mind: do not overuse the keyword as it will give a sign of keyword stuffing. Using overused keywords in your article will not improve your search engine rankings. Skillful use of keywords is key to writing a good SEO friendly article.

Meta Description

A Meta description is a summary that describes your articles in 2-3 lines. It should contain 155-156 characters, not more than that. Make sure you have included the keyword in the Meta description. A good Meta description raises the click-through rate which increases the chance of traffic on your site.

Refine Your Writing

Refine your writing style. Proofread and edit your write-up. Be concise and do not write lengthy paragraphs. Your material has to be created and presented in a visually pleasing manner. Read articles from well-known sites. See how they have written those articles, and try to follow their style.

Catchy Headings

Include short and catchy headings so that readers can get an idea about the content after going through the headings. Short yet self-explanatory are considered the best headings.


Include 3-4 images related to the topic. Images should be clear and appealing. The ideal image size is 70kb so compress the image if the size is more than 70 kb as the small size image stake less time to load. Include the key phrases in the image title, it will help in ranking the content.


Build Links

Link building plays an important role in Google ranking. Link your articles across different social media sites. Include inbound links. So, The more inbound links you include, Google will highlight and value your content more.

Traditional article writing is very much different than SEO article writing. In traditional writing, you are just composing the content on the given topic. But with SEO writing, you need to watch out for several aspects to make sure your content ranks well on Google. Google has its search and ranking algorithm so you need to follow them strictly.

The above-mentioned tips will help you a lot in writing SEO articles.

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