How to Write an e-Book?

What Is an e-book?

An electronic book is a non-editable book consisting of text, images, or both that is converted into digital format. It is available in digital form for computers and other electronic devices. Since the early 2010s, e-books have overtaken hardcover by overall publications in the world. Many people are making their earing by writing an e-book. The main reason e-books have become so popular is probably the increased comfort they have provided to people.


What is Freelance E-book Writing?

Writing something and publishing it as an e-book as a freelancer is what comes under the definition of freelance e-book writing. You can build a strong and impressive portfolio based on your e-books.

E-book writing

It can prove to be an amazing reputation boost chance for you. It is a great way of a passive income. so, People who like your e-books will be my approach for writing projects. You can get more clients this way, which is very important for any freelance writer.

How to Write an e-book?

Many people start writing the e-book without having proper knowledge of what is e-book writing and how to write an e-book.
Here is a simple guide that will help you a lot in writing an e-book:

Read The e-books

The very first thing you need to do before you start writing an e-book is you should read the available published e-books. In this way, you will get an idea of how to write an e-book, so, what pattern you should follow, how to outline it, and how to format it properly. Once you get an idea of these things it becomes easier for you to write an e-book.


Choose the topic

Choosing the right topic for it is very important. Choose a topic that matches your audience’s needs. Research well to choose the right topic. Prefer writing on such a topic on which have good knowledge so that you can provide sufficient information to the readers.

Set a Catchy Title

The title plays a significant role in enhancing the readability score of your book. The title is the very first thing a potential reader sees. A good title generates the reader’s interest in reading the book. So you should always set meaningful and catchy titles to grab the reader’s attention.

Outline each chapter

An outline ensures that you cover everything you need to do so you outline each chapter of your book. While writing an e-book you should take the following steps to outline it properly:

  • start by giving an introduction to what you have covered in your e-book.
  • Write a list of chapters and use headings and sub-headings for each chapter.
  • Make a separate list of the images you have used in the e-book.
  • End with a proper conclusion.

Use Visuals

Imagery content is always easy for the readers to understand than written content. Use images not only to gain readers’ attention but to enhance their understanding.

Proofread and Edit

After you have finished writing your e-book the next important step is to proofread and edit it. so, Make sure you proofread it and look for grammatical and other writing errors. Do the proper formatting and editing, ensure that important points are highlighted, all the images included are relevant and visible, every heading is inserted in the table of content, etc.

Benefits of e-books

it saves your trip from a library. You are not bound to follow any restrictions for reading a book like in a library. You can easily download any book, anywhere, anytime you want with ease and comfort. This is one of the main reasons why e-books are very popular now a day.

  • E-books are portable and lightweight. so, It’s like one device and many books in it.
  • Writing an e-book saves you from the printing cost, so it easy to publish than printed books.
  • Authors can easily update the content and the readers will get an update about new content.
  • E-books have read aloud feature which provides the facility to listen to it if they are busy reading it.
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