How to write a project proposal

How to write a proposal for a project

A project proposal is a document or we can say it is a written document. It describes an external or internal project. It gives details such as goals, objectives, important dates, milestones and requirements needed to start and complete the project.

Your project should be decision-makers’ needs, clearly communicate your ideas. Your project should defines your project details and sell your idea so stakeholders buy it. 

Project proposal 

Projects proposal is a persuasive document that convince stakeholders why the project should be carried out.


Project proposal format

There are some steps how to write a projects proposal

  • Write an executive summary

In executive summary you should give introduction to your project proposal. It is similar to a report abstract or an essay introduction. It depends on your project, your executive summary should be one paragraph or a few paragraphs.

Your executive summary should include:

  • Your project problem should be solve
  • Your project provides solution for that problem
  • The impact your project will have

You should defines these items briefly in your executive summary.

  • Explain the project background

In this section, you will define the background of the project. Use references and statistics to convince your reader.

Questions of Project background

  • What is the problem your project addresses?
  • What is already know about this problem?
  • Who has addressed this problem before/ what research is there?
  • Why is past research insufficient at addressing this problem.Working as a Project Proposal Writer for EU Funding - IED
  • Present a solution

You should presented a problem in the project background section. In addition, the next logical step in proposal writing is to present a solution. 

This section will be long and most detailed section of your proposal.

  • Define project deliverables and goals 

Your projects deliverables is a crucial step in writing your project proposal. Stakeholder reads through your vision.


  • The end product or final objective of your project
  • A project timeline for when deliverables will be ready
  • SMART goals that align with the deliverables you’re producing
  • List what resources you need

You have outlined your problem, approach, solution, and deliverables. In this section you define what resources you will included.

In this section, you’ll include:

  • Project budget
  • Breakdown of costs
  • Resource allocation plan
  • State your conclusion

Finally, end your projects proposal with a persuasive and confident conclusion. Like wise, the executive summary, the conclusion should briefly summarize.

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Project proposal on employee motivation 

  • Increase willingness of employee to do the job.
  • Increase performance of employee
  • Increase retention
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Supervisor and manager role toward the employee

Advocacy project proposal 

  • Identify an advocacy challenge or opportunity
  • Determine the key audience
  • Establish measurable objectives for each audience.
  • Determine how each audience receives its information

Project proposal about Environment

An environment projects proposal is a Formal Proposal that describes various projects plans and strategies that promote environmental awareness and conservation. To give a viable solution for environmental problems. It requires a detailed proposal. Your projects proposal for environment specify the problem you want to address. Identify the specific environmental problems.


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