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How to rank website on Google: Ranking in 2022 Enhance Your On-Site SEO as the First Step Add LSI Keywords to Your Page in Step #2: Keep an eye on your technical.

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We are all aware that writing content is the only way to drive visitors to a website. However, you won’t gain a lot of traffic to your website if your blogs don’t rank well on Google.
You must do that by optimizing your website for SEO, which is crucial if you want to boost website traffic.

There are certain tried-and-true strategies to improve your ranking of website. Let’s get started with this method to differentiating your content and ranking it on Google’s front page.

No:1 Optimize your content for keywords:

Making sure your content is optimized for the proper keywords is the first step. Additionally, choosing the appropriate keywords is one of the most important aspects of attracting relevant visitors to your website.
To do it correctly, research the ideal keywords for your blog posts.
For instance, what if your article is on how to improve the SEO of your website?

rank a website

Use phrases like “how to begin SEO,” “how to begin SEO,” “how to optimize a website for Google search,” etc. These keywords are pertinent to your subject and will drive targeted visitors to your website.
To make sure you are improving in the proper areas, always keep track of the keywords you want to rank for.

Add keyword in your title to rank a website:

Include the keyword in the title; aim to position it at the start of every title. In order to rank for your term, this is the most crucial factor.
For instance, when I searched for “SEO tools,” the results include “SEO tools” in the title, and the top-performing pages also start with the term.
This is how adding keywords to the title will raise the ranking of website.

Add keyword in your content:

By including keywords in your content, you not only make it easier for Google bots to understand what it is about, but you also make it easier for readers to interact with it.


Avoid keyword stuffing because it is a black hat SEO tactic and could harm your website’s ranking. To make your material easy to read, keep keyword density between 3 and 4 percent and start each sentence with the term.

Include Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords:

It is an advanced approach that will assist you in achieving keyword ranking. Google employs these semantically related phrases to fully comprehend your content. For instance, if you search for the word “Apple,” you might also type in “Apple fruit” or “Apple Company.” Google bots use LSI keywords in order to provide users the best results.
By include them, you’ll be able to give users more relevant material and raise your rating.

#2 Now Optimize your Content

Google’s ranking algorithms are always changing. In order for your content to rank well, you must optimize it. Writing in-depth, high-quality material is one piece of advice.

optimize content
SEO Search engine optimization concept as colorful alphabet SEO, handwriting explanation with color chalk, robot arm and magnifying glass on blackboard wallpaper.

Your content’s duration directly affects how high it ranks on Google.
By defining every term, you use in your post, you can always generate in-depth information that will boost your ranks.

Write quality content to rank a website:

The more visitors and traffic your website receive, the more visitors and traffic your website will receive, indicating that your website has better content than other websites, which is one of the good ranking indicators. This will help you rank better on Google.

content making ideas

You may rank well on Google with the use of quality content, which can boost website traffic and conversion rates. And in this way ranking of website will go up.

Improve the readability of content:

As not everyone can read and understand complex stuff, making your content readable will enable you to attract more visitors.
Make your content simple to read and understand in order to raise your Google website ranking. This will also help you to increase traffic and, ultimately, conversion rates.

Best Tools to rank a website:

Here are some of the top websites ranking tools of 2021 that will provide you with various Google website ranking techniques.

SEO tools

Site checker Tool
Rank Watch
SEO profiler

Check Plagiarism – SEO Tool
AtoZ SEO Tools
XeroSEO – Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools
Seolyzer – Turn your Website into an SEO tool
Duplicate Finder SEO Tool
SpyFu- Website ranking Tools
BuzzSumo- Website ranking Tools
Screaming Frog
HubSpot Website Grader


In addition to improving user experience, content optimization can assist Google bots in understanding the substance of your post, which will raise the ranking of your website.
One of the most important aspects to rank on Google is including keywords in your title and content, which will enable you to rank for your keyword.
You can raise your website’s ranking by utilizing these techniques. By using the website ranking tools that have mentioned above. As of the fact that SEO is a gradual process, it will take some time for your website to rank, but if you consistently employ these tactics and ideas, your website’s ranking will undoubtedly increase.

Written by Fatims Hassan

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