How to make a legal contract without a lawyer?

How to make a legal contract without a lawyer?

It is not prohibited to draft a contract without the assistance of an attorney. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that might be simple or complex. Legal purpose is a term used in contract law.


It can be in the form of a written or verbal agreement and you are bound by contract. It is not necessary for a contract to be written on a preprinted or standardized form. it might be scribbled on a napkin and yet be valid. 

Notarized agreement between Two parties can come forward and form their own contract. Therefore, agreement on plain paper is valid. Legal purpose is a term used in Contract law, on the other hand, stipulates that all contracts must include specific features in order to be legitimate and enforceable. 

make a contract without a lawyer

Drafting a Legal Contract Without an Attorney:

You may, however, choose to draught the contract yourself. If you’re in the business of repairing or selling mobile homes and used vehicles, selling door-to-door, renting apartments or homes, or providing cremation, burial, or funeral services, your state may have particular restrictions controlling contract drafting.

Contents of a Contract:

When it comes to how to make a legal contract, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, there are a few things you should know. The contract must include the following items.

Parties to the Agreement:

This is the name of your company, as well as the name of the other party to the contract. This could be a client or a vendor.


This refers to the benefits that each side receives as a result of the agreement.


The contract’s terms specify what each party is required to accomplish when to make a legal contract drawn up. This is the contract’s major body, and it should be described fully. It should specify the sort of work to be done, the price to be paid for that work, the duration of the contract, and when and how payment will be made. 

Additions to the Terms:

The terms for terminating the contract, as well as whether each party can assign or transfer the contract to another business, are frequently included. In addition, if a dispute arises, the supplementary terms may address mediation or arbitration, as well as the payment of legal fees in the event of a contract breach. When problems emerge, state laws apply, as well as the address where legal notices can be sent.


Both parties must sign the smart legal contract and the plain paper agreement must be real. Contract signer must be authorized.


Ascertain that all contracting parties receive copies of the signed final agreement.


This is the date on which a smart legal contract is executed.

However, you should have your company or legal contracts drafted by an expert attorney. In the case of a contract dispute, it protects your rights and interests, saves you time and money, and keeps you from breaking the contract. Contracts aren’t always well-written.

Promises alone do not constitute a legally binding contract, nor a notarized agreement between two parties. A smart legal contract is a legally binding and enforceable agreement. In general, if one party makes a promise in exchange for valuable payment from another party, the law will enforce the agreement. 

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Implied Contracts:

A court may uphold an agreement’s terms if you were legally bound to it and relied on it. An example is when an employer communicates with an at-will worker (one who is not bound by an express employment contract) in a way that may infer a legally enforceable agreement.

A Michigan court, for example, found in Toussaint v. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan (2009) that verbal representations made to the plaintiff about job security formed an implicit employment contract under which the employer could terminate employment without cause.

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