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How to generate ideas for article writing

It takes a lot of effort to come up with new tale ideas for article writing. The good news is that there is a plethora of easy techniques to generate ideas for creative writing that interest you.


Maintaining a blog is an important part of content marketing success. Not just any blog, but one that consistently produces high-quality content. The bottleneck that prevents marketers from doing so isn’t always the writing; deciding what to write about can be a major challenge when it comes to blogging.

It might be difficult to come up with ideas for creative writing that will not only fill up a regular editorial calendar, but will also attract the attention of the target audience and interest readers enough to keep them coming back for more. It’s nice to have a stroke of inspiration, but when it comes to developing strategic content, you need to be equally as smart during the brainstorming process.

You should have a repeatable process for coming up with ideas for creative writing, just as you should have one for writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your content. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a blog schedule that never runs out of material.

Steps to Consistently Come Up with Article Ideas:

  1. How to Consistently Generate Article Ideas.
  2. Rank Your Topic Ideas Using a Brain Dump
  3. Perform keyword research on your top three topics.
  4. Review Previously Published Articles on the Topic Perform a Content Gap Analysis
  5. Use a collaborative content calendar like Schedule to plan out your article ideas.

Article Writing:

An article is a nonfiction piece of prose writing intended for newspapers and periodicals. It is beneficial to assess students’ ability to convey their views, organize their thoughts, plan, present their ideas in a chronological order, comprehend their ideas, and eventually come to a conclusion.

Ensure that the ideas are presented in a planned and systematic manner while article writing. If you’re not familiar with the vocabulary, don’t use it. Use straightforward language that is easy to understand. Stick to the word limit set out in the question.

How to Write a Good Article:

Blog writing, freelance writers, copywriters, and other content creators are frequently confronted with what appears to be an insurmountable task: writing a quality piece on a tight deadline. That’s why it’s critical to hone your writing talents so you can produce high-quality content in a short amount of time. Following are the article writing tips that must be kept in mind:

  • Make a list of ideas and keep it handy.
  • Remove all potential sources of distraction.
  • Effective research in blog writing.
  • Maintain a straightforward approach.
  • Make use of bullet points when doing article writing.
  • After you’ve finished writing, go back and revise
  • Make a timer.

Article Writing Topics:

Following are the article writing examples:

Do you have to compose an article that is currently trendy and will help you improve your score or practice? The following is a list of current article writing examples:

  • Warming of the Planet.
  • Pollution of the Environment.
  • Corruption.
  • Women’s Empowerment on the Internet’s Impact.
  • Movies and Education.
  • The Importance of Games in Education.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness.
  • The Importance of Mental Health in Society Education’s Importance in Society.

Blog writing:

You can go deeply into your favorite topics, highlight your skills, and build a community of readers who are interested in your work when you start a blog writing. Publishing material online is an efficient method to share your knowledge and thoughts with the world, whether you want to establish a blog from scratch or make blogging a part of your business plan.

What’s the difference between a blog post & an article:

The distinction between articles and blog writing is no longer as apparent as it once was. Blog writing used to be short written articles that were frequently based on the author’s personal viewpoint. Articles were longer works based on interviews and research. Many websites now produce long-form blog posts that are similar to articles and are based on research and interviews. Whatever the length, the label is less significant than generating and releasing a valuable and trustworthy piece of material.

Written by Fatims Hassan

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