Hard work is the key to success.

There is a farmer who puts in a lot of effort and hard work and is located in a remote hamlet. He tends grape crops.

The grape grower is quite prosperous since his vineyard reliably produces a significant crop for him. 
He’s a father of three, and despite their youth and boundless energy, his offspring never seem to find steady employment. 
As he ages, the farmer worries more and more about his sons’ future prospects.

hard work

Then, he starts to feel exceedingly unwell, and he is conscious of the fact that his remaining time on earth is quickly running out. After that, he calls his children on the phone and tells them, “Dear sons, I can feel my death coming, but before I leave you all, I want to tell you a secret.” He then hangs up the phone. People say that if you dig deep enough in these fields, you can find a treasure. After I was no longer there, they had to look everywhere in the area to find it.

After the elderly farmer passes away, his sons continue the story by recalling the father’s final remarks.
The children immediately begin excavating in an attempt to locate the wealth, but they are unsuccessful in their efforts.

Climax of the story:

In spite of this, all of their hard work in the field pays off in the form of a bountiful harvest that brings in a significant amount of money for them. These money make it easier for the youngsters to comprehend what their father had planned all along all along.

Moral Of the Story:

It always pays off to work hard. The results of hard work are always sweet, no matter what form they take.

Written by Farhan Khan

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