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You’ve come to the correct place if you want to start blogging but are unsure of how to find the top blogging platforms and choose the best one for you. This chore may seem boring at best because there are so many blogging platforms available.

However, you’ll undoubtedly want a blog to interact with like-minded people globally and share your opinions and ideas with them. And in order to set up a blog, you’ll need a blogging platform.

The Best Blogging Platforms To Get You Started In 2022!

The main goal of blogging platforms for developers is to make it possible for writers to quickly and easily publish content (whether articles, product reviews, or thoughts) via standalone websites, social networking sites, or email. Given that a well-written blog can attract a larger audience and develop a global following, these platforms can also offer effective tools for marketing and brand building.

Therefore, you need to choose the best blogging platform for developers available before you put your creative hat on and start cranking out content to enchant your virtual visitors from all over the world. Be sure to check out our list of the best blogging platforms for 2022 before taking any action because we have selected them specifically to assist you.

Following are the best blog platforms for 2022:


Any veteran blogger will likely say that Blogger was the platform they used to launch their blog if you ask them (opens in new tab). The fact that you already have a Blogger account because of your Google account gives Google’s blogging service significant advantages over the competition even more than 20 years later.

Budget-conscious people will be happy to learn that Blogger is totally free, and you’ll also obtain a “” subdomain. You may add a custom domain name with just a few clicks by purchasing it from a third-party domain registrar.

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One of the easiest blogging platforms available is Blogger, and it even comes with a selection of layouts that may be further customized.

Given that it’s a Google product, Google Analytics, which will supply information about your website’s visitors that can be used to increase traffic, can easily be integrated with it.

Additionally, you can connect Google AdSense into your blog, which will evaluate your material and show pertinent adverts to monetize it. In other words, you can pay for the coffee while you sit in Starbucks and blog until the wee hours.


You’ve probably come across Wix (opens in new tab) if you’re looking for a blogging platform for developers to launch a personal blog or create a business website. Wix is one of the top participants in the current site-building market.

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It really is as easy as choosing a template from their large selection and customizing it with Wix, which offers features that appeal primarily to beginners in the blogging game while being basic but not simplistic. The drawback is that once you select a template, you cannot change it without completely redesigning your website, which might be, at best, inconvenient.

Even better, Wix enables you to preview your blog template on a PC and mobile device before committing to it.


WordPress (opens in new tab), which was first developed as a blogging platform, now powers more than 43% of all websites on the internet, which is evidence of its popularity. It strikes an ideal balance between simplicity of use and more potent capabilities and it is good for blogs.

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Since you’re paying for a comprehensive service, you can leave the technical aspects in the hands of WordPress’s staff, including taking care of the domain name, maintaining the security of your website, and providing web hosting services.

There are countless free WordPress themes available online, each with a wide range of customization choices and flexible font options. Additionally, they provide specialist customer service, make it simple to integrate Google Analytics, and have a plugin that can process credit card payments.

Pricing for a service called WordPress Starter, which eliminates all WordPress advertising, starts at $5 per month if invoiced annually. Although there is a free tier, it is only appropriate and good for blogs that are not for profit since it displays WordPress ads on your site but disables the potential to make money from it.


It functions as a “site generator” that can “convert your plain text into static webpages and blogs” in Jekyll’s most recent version. TXT files are used to create content, which is then stored in folders. After that, you use Liquid language templates to design your website.

Jekyll mixes content and template to build a server-uploadable website. There is connection with Jekyll to host the website on GitHub for no cost for people who require a host.

Even though Jekyll has a thorough “quick-start guide” online, it doesn’t quite match the ease of use of other rival blogging platforms that can handle anything from a web interface.


Tumblr (opens in new tab) is at the opposite end of things from other blogging platforms that encourage users to change and blur the line between a blog and a fully-fledged website. But given that it claims to have an astounding 551+ million different blogs, it must be doing something right.

Tumblr introduces ad-free subscription for $5/month


The line separating the tools used to develop a site from those used to make a blog used to be pretty distinct, but it is now more muddled than ever. You may develop and maintain any type of blog or website using the majority of content management systems (CMS) and complete website builders.

Consequently, in modern times, a best blogging platform in 2022 is any software-based collection of tools that enables you to build a blog while keeping all of your material, media, files, links, and other elements necessary for your blog to function.

Written by Fatims Hassan

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