Differences Between Article Writing and Blog Writing

If you seek to be a writer and pursue a profession in writing, then it is very likely that, as in the case of many novice writers and freelancers, the differences between blog writing and article writing will be vexing for you.


So, to save the students and writers who follow us from the unnecessary but inevitable confusion, I decided to share some of the key differences between the two widely and frequently employed writing genres in this blog post.

This blog post will address widespread perplexity, So, a problem with which many well-known writers deal.

Academic writing and research basics

At the beginning, it is important to note that the two types of writing differ not just in terms of style and research but also in a variety of other ways, as detailed in the column below.


Point of View:
Blogs are generally based on the writer’s personal opinion.

Although articles may have an element of personal opinion, just like the opinion articles do, those opinions need to be backed or substantiated by facts, evidence and logical reasoning. 
It is common practice for blogs to display entries in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entries appearing first.
although there is no specific order to the articles other than their publishing date.
Voice or Tone:
A blog post is largely aimed at presenting the personal perspective of the writer.

The primary function of an article is to provide its readers with facts, information, and an objective point of view.
Style of Language:
The language of a blog post is informal and can include more personality and even slang. 

An article is preferably written in a more formal style and language.
The structure of a blog post is very flexible, with short sentences, fragmented sentences, many dot-dot-dot’s and even exclamation marks to emphasize reader exaggeration and interest. 

Articles tend to be less dramatic and much more proper grammar
The length or word count:
The length of a blog post is generally much smaller than an article, ranging from 250 words to 5000 words.

An article is often much more in-depth and starting at the 2500 word range exploring every facet of the topic with no real objective for linking.
Point of View:
A blog post is often written in the first person using I or we. This fits into the narrative structure of the blog: you’re having a conversation with your readers, describing an episode in the life of your brand.

An article is almost always written in the third person, although scientific articles may use the first-person plural (we). So, This emphasizes the author’s objectivity as they present facts and reasoned arguments.
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