Academic Writing Vs Professional Writing

Academic writing and professional writing are two different forms of writing that you will encounter at different points in your life. The two writing styles help you differently in your academic and professional life. So it is important to understand the difference between academic writing and professional writing.

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Before understanding the difference between academic writing and professional writing, let’s have a look at what is academic and professional writing.


What Is Academics Writing?

Academic writing is a formal style of writing produced as a part of academic work. Academic writing includes reports on empirical fieldwork and research in facilities for natural sciences or social sciences. The content, style, and tone of academic writing may vary across genres and publication methods.


 Academic writing refers to a particular style of expression and uses a formal tone. It focuses on the issue or the topic rather than the author’s opinion. Academic writing analyses a situation by looking at the different sides of the argument.


Types of Academics Writing

There are four different types of academic writing:

  • Descriptive
  • Analytical
  • Persuasive
  • Critical

What Is Professional Writing?

Professional writing is a form of writing that conveys information and ideas in a professional setting. It helps the employees to communicate effectively among themselves, advise clients, body for contracts, comply with regulatory bodies, etc. 

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Professional writing defines the general overview of the writing that is done for profit in a workplace environment. It is geared towards informing and persuading the audience in the world of work and commerce.

Types of Professional Writing

Different types of professional writing include:


Academics Writing Vs Professional Writing

Academic and professional writing needs the ideas to be communicated clearly and precisely. Both styles use a formal tone for writing.


Here is an overview of the difference between academic writing and professional writing.


Academic WritingProfessional Writing
  • Academic writing is done to showcase your research or expertise on a specific topic.
  • Professional writing is done to convince or influence someone of something.
  • Academic writing mostly helps in you in writing assignments in university.
  • Professional writing helps you in your professional life
  • It is written in third person narrative.
  • The targeted audiences of academic writing are professors, fellows, students, researchers etc.
  • The targeted audiences of professional writing are business people, mangers, colleagues and clients.
  • Academic writing is mostly done in passive voice.
  • Professional writing is mostly done is active voice.


What Is Business Writing?

Business writing is the process of writing documents for professional purposes. It is intended to be used in the business world to create documents. It is mostly done in second person narrative but a first or third person can also be used in some situations.

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For business writing, you must know the appropriate format, content, subject matter, and intended audience. Business writing is done in active voice and comprises simple and precise sentences.


Academic Writing Vs Business Writing

Academic WritingBusiness Writing
  • Academic writing uses long, complex sentences, ideas and sub-ideas.
  • Business writing uses small sentences and paragraphs.
  • It does not uses MPA or APA styles.
  • It is more formal as compared to business writing.
  • It is less formal as compared to academic writing.
  • It requires the sourcing and compliance with specific style and formatting requirements.
  • With business writing there is flexibly of how information is presented in business documents.
  • It focuses on the facts.
  • It focuses on providing opinions in the form of suggestions.


Whether you are writing for any particular form of writing, it’s important to have the know-how for different forms of writing. Having a knowledge of different writing styles can help you a lot in your career. It shows your expertise and versatility as a writer.

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