7 tips for writing research paper

What Are The 7 Steps to Writing a Research Paper?

The 7 steps to writing a good research paper, Select the topic, write a thesis statement, revise, and edit. Not to forget, discussion and conclusion plays an important role.

Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is like an essay in which you provide an in-depth analysis, interpretation, and argument based on your study. While writing a research paper, you can include information from various sources like books, articles, interviews, etc. You can also add your opinion, ideas, and knowledge.


Moreover, If you want to write a research paper but don’t know how to start one, then here are the 7 steps to writing a research paper that will help you a lot.

Select and Understand the Topic

Choosing the right research topic and understanding it well is key to writing a good research paper. You may choose a well-known topic, but that might not be right for you. You may not have enough knowledge of that topic or you may not find it interesting. So, to write a good research paper choose a topic that you find interesting and that on which you can easily work.

Collect the Necessary Information

After selecting a topic, do preliminary research on that topic to find its background. Collect the information from various sources and read different papers related to the topic. An important thing in this step is to make sure that the information you have collected is authentic. Also organizing your research paper into different sections will make your task easier.

Use catalogue To Find Information

Use the catalogues to find media. The use of guided keyword searching will help a lot to find the material. Note down the citation and bibliography for additional resources. 

Developing a Thesis

A thesis is the heart of any research paper. The thesis statement defines the purpose and objective of a research paper. Keep in mind that a thesis statement is not a question but an argument that you will prove. Be clear and concise while writing your thesis statement.

writing research paper

Create Outline

This step will help you in structuring your research paper. An outline will help the readers to have a thorough look at your paper. The most basic outline style followed is the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Write and Edit

In this step, the actual writing of your research paper starts. If you have followed the previous steps, then you won’t need to spend a lot of time on this step. Be sure to check for grammatical mistakes and plagiarism. So, proofread your paper again and again to look for mistakes, or seek research paper writing service help.

Revise Your Checklist

Before submitting your research paper, run through your checklist to be sure that you have not missed any important things. Check for things like you have not skipped any important points, the outline is according to the content, the uniform writing style is being followed, So, the sources quoted are authentic and credible, and the paper is plagiarism-free.

Discussion and Conclusion

Writing a discussion in a research paper and then concluding it well is the essence of a good research paper. The discussion contains the outcome and results of a study. It informs the readers about the implications based on the result of your study.

A successful discussion includes:

  • Results of your research
  • Discussion related to the topic
  • A comparison of your results and initial hypothesis

You should structure your discussions as:

  • In the first paragraph, include all the essential interpretations based on your findings.
  • The second paragraph compares and contrasts previous studies and discusses unexpected findings.
  • In the last paragraph: summarize the purpose of the study and the hypothesis. Discuss the unanswered questions and possible future research.

The conclusion is a sum-up of your research paper. An effective conclusion gives an impact on how you have presented your research.

 To write a good conclusion to your research paper you should:

  • Restate your research topic and thesis.
  • Summarize all the main points.
  • State the results.
  • Briefly conclude your thoughts

writing research paper is not easy, it requires an in-depth and detailed study of a topic also you have to look for grammatical mistakes and other writing mistakes. But if you follow these 7 steps it will definitely help you a lot.

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