5 best proposal creation software tools


The purpose of proposal software is to automate and streamline the request for proposal (RFP) and proposal processes for sales operations. Sales professionals benefit from proposal software’s capacity to quickly prepare documents in several file formats. It transmits documents via multiple channels, and evaluate RFP and proposal papers’ impact on sales performance. 

Salespeople must include valuable and consistent material in their proposals that is tailored to the needs and profiles of their clients because proposals can be the first significant step in a business relationship. CRM software, CPQ software, e-signature software, and accounting software are examples of common integrations because proposal tools are frequently used to support partnerships or sales and for that you need proposal software. 

The 5 best proposal software solutions

Now that you are aware of what proposal software is, why you need proposal software, and how to pick the best app for your company, let’s discuss some of the specific choices you have. 

The top five proposal software options for 2022 are listed below. 

  • PandaDoc 

The first is PandaDoc, a well-liked program that enables users to easily produce proposals with their own branding as well as contracts, forms, and other crucial documents. 

PandaDoc comes with a sizable template collection. When your proposal is flawless, simply click to upload it where it needs to be. 



The broad variety of integrations offered by PandaDoc is one of our favorite features. For instance, you can integrate PandaDoc with a robust CRM tool like Nutshell to automatically add customer information to your proposals and give them a more tailored feel. 

  • Proposify 

Another well-liked proposal tool is Proposify, which is ideal for large sales teams who close a lot of transactions each month. 

The Proposify solution has a comprehensive library of templates, each of which can be altered using a drag and drop editor to represent the distinctive identity of your business. Every proposal your team submits will so “look the part.” 


Proposify, like PandaDoc, connects with other well-known platforms, enabling users to swiftly gather information from CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot to produce tailored proposals. 

However, it is in the area of permissions where Proposify truly excels. To ensure that reps never submit out-of-date or incorrect information, sales managers can pre-approve templates, photos, fees, and other content. 

Because Proposify is more expensive than the other solutions in this post, it’s one of the reasons we suggest it for large sales departments. The Business Plan, which includes 10 users, costs $590 per month, however paid options begin at $49 per user/per month. 

  • Qwilr 

Web pages for Qwilr proposals are attractive, engaging, and mobile-friendly. 


The template library that comes with Qwilr may be heavily customized by adding features for personal branding, video greetings, product demos, and even Google maps. Additionally, it interfaces to payment processors like Stripe and Xero and allows eSignatures. Qwilr interfaces with a variety of CRM solutions, enabling users to automatically pull prospect information into their proposals. Therefore, you need proposal software for this. 

  • Honeybook

A customer relationship management (CRM) program called HoneyBook enables you to make proposals in addition to a ton of other things. It can also be used to send invoices, take payments, sign contracts, schedule clients, and manage projects. 


Your clients will encounter a more fluid, polished proposal because the proposal function combines invoicing, contracts, and payment, which can result in more closed deals. 

  • Bonsai

A small company product package from Bonsai that includes a proposal creation tool is available to freelancers. The proposal development process is professional and user-friendly; however, it only has a little automation.  

bonsai software

This tool generates expert online bids for shorter documents and offers practical connectivity to the other Bonsai products.

Final thoughts

You’ll get a competitive advantage, save a ton of time, and increase revenue for your business with proposal software. Determine the proposal software you require based on your requirements. 

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Written by Fatims Hassan

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